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Sri Lanka City Guide

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Sri Lanka Tours & Travel Guide
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Kandy City Sri Lanka

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Kandy, the Sinhalese Capital


The kings of Kandy, the last independent kingdom of Sri Lanka, knew more than two centuries the siege by three European powers to resist invasion. The islanders saw the ruler of Kandy as their King, but political and economic borders were replaced by emotional and religious ties. The Buddhist centers Malwatte and Asgiriya distance were honored by both laymen and monks, but Kandy was regarded as the last bastion of the independent Buddhist thought, spiritual power that gave to the people of Kandy.

Kandy is the perfect size for exploring on foot and because of the altitude and the favorable climate is a long walk not too hard to do. There is much to see in the city, with narrow streets full of people and typical old buildings. The Municipal Market is a picturesque market with fruits and vegetables, textiles and clothing. Another attraction is the lake of Kandy. And when you tired of all the walking, you can relax in the old Queen's Hotel, in the center of the city.


Kandy Map

The Perahera of Kandy

The number of people who visit Kandy, reached a spectacular climax in the month of July. A court on the south side of the Temple of the Tooth is the center of a richly decorated and well attended event during the two-week Perahera.

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Dozens furnished elephants, dancers, drummers and other artists form a procession, in which the sacred Tooth Relic is carried through the streets. The rituals and ceremonies of the Perahera through the ages remarkably little change.The people believe that the country will be ravaged by famine, revolution or disaster as long as these rituals are performed. What disastrous is when you arrive unprepared in Kandy during the Perahera. The whole city is two weeks in a carnavaleske celebrations and each room is occupied. Because of this massive annual interest has encouraged local people to open their homes to seasonal pensions, That makes Kandy the place with the largest range of addresses with bed and breakfast in Sri Lanka. Watch a movie of the Perahera.

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The Royal Palace Complex

The Royal Palace consists of the King's Palace, The Queens Palace, the Audience Hall, The Royal Bath House and the Royal Summer House. The airy rooms of the Queens Palace, complete with cloisters and a central courtyard, are now decorated as the National Museum. In the rooms where once the royalties resided are pre-colonial art objects exhibited.There are sad memories of the surrender to the British in 1815,which was decided by the Kandy leaders at a meeting in the Audience Hall. The roof of the audience hall supported by columns of processed teakwood.

It is worth considering the so-called Cultural Triangle Ticket purchase gives you access to several attractions, including the Archaeological Museum, housed in the remaining part of King's Palace, and the four hindu devala's. Although in the majority Buddhist Sinhalese in Kandy, gave the rulers of the ancient kingdom of equal rights to all ethnic and religious groups. Devala sacred to Vishnu is worshiped by Buddhists because of the role that God played in the maintenance of Buddhism.

Temple of the Tooth (Dalada Maligawa)

Kandy  Temple Of The Tooth
The Temple of the Tooth the most sacred relic of Buddhism and the most precious symbol of Sinhalese pride.The tooth was carried around by the former rulers and has survived many disasters. In 1997, the Temple of the tooth severely damaged by bombing perpetrated by the Tamil Tigers, before the proposed celebration of independence in Kandy.Since it is virtually impossible to gain access to the temple. If the temple has been restored and the situation returns to normal, the visitor will be allowed to visit. The tooth itself is never displayed and stored in a strictly controlled set of interlocking boxes. Remember that the Chinese have started a war to get hold of this treasure.
The puja ceremonies to honor the relic every day at sunrise and sunset held. When the Temple will be reopened, the ceremony at dawn an intimate affair continue. Temple of the tooth movie

Around the Lake

for a health walk in the morning or afternoon walk around Kandy Lake.The shady trail offers a nice view of the hills and the city. The last Sinhala king has build the Lake in 1807. The island in the lake was the site of the Royal Summer House. Beyond the bathhouse, the Royal Promenade melt of a city street in a walkway through the park, which bring you in the Kandyan Arts and Crafts Association and Tourist Information Center. Here you can buy wonderful examples of applied art, which are manufactured on site. for a delicious lunch of rice with curry dishes can be found in the adjoining restaurant. The buildings themselves provide a good impression of the Kandyan architecture.
Elephants can be seen frequently around Kandy, both in the town and surrounds. Working elephants might be spotted anywhere and you may catch the Temple of the Tooth elephants hanging around near the Temple or, at about 4 pm, being bathed at their quarters on Anagarika Dharmapala Mahaweli or down near the bridge over the Mahaweli at Lewella.
Udawattakelle Sanctuary North of the lake, you can take a longer stroll around this cool and pleasant forest close to the heart of Kandy. There are plenty of huge trees, much birds and insect life and more than a few monkeys.

Peradeniya Botanic Gardens

Orchid House Kandy

Nearby Kandy, The Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is easily one of its kind in the world. The many beautiful avenues will lead one to sections which provide a burst of tropical colour. The great lawns highlight huge tropical trees, while you will be surprised at the variety of bamboo that can be found in one place.
The best know attraction of the Garden is the Orchid House, which has more than 300 varieties of exquisite orchids from the rare indigenous Foxtail and Vesak orchids centres of the world. The Spice Gardens gives you a first hand introduction to the trees, plants and creepers that produce the special spice of Sri Lanka. The Herbarium grows many of the plants used for the traditional Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.

Botanic Garden Kandy

Things to Visit in Kandy:
  • The Temple of the Scared Tooth Relic.
  • Peradeniya Botanical Garden.
  • An evening of Cultural Dancing.
  • Municipal Market.
  • The Big Buddha.
  • Mini nature walk around the lake.
  • Visit a Tea Factory.
  • Ayurveda massage.
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